This and that / by Suzanne

Hello readers. If you haven't already discovered it yourself, I added a new page to my blog titled "Inspiration." It's a list of links leading you to blogs I love. Who knows, maybe you'll find inspiration there, too.

Here are five things that caught my attention lately:

1. these hazelnuts


because they taste so fresh and good and a thoughtful friend recently gifted me two packages (from Italy.) I'm already on the second bag.

2. these crab apples


because another thoughtful friend invited me to pick them from her glorious backyard tree.

3. this crabapple jelly


because I love food gifts (see items 1 and 2) and I will never get around to making my own. What about that colour!

4. this palo santo wood


because this old house can smell musty sometimes and nothing refreshes it better, faster.

5. these marigolds


because removing blooms keeps plants producing more and more. Plus the orange and yellows leave me spellbound.

Noticed elsewhere: