A peek inside a beautiful Ottawa home / by Suzanne


I read if you blog and you're a woman you blog less in the summer because of attention pulled elsewhere: to gardens, to kids (if you have them) because they're no longer in school, and to holidays. So true in my experience.

When I think to sit down and share with you a great recipe, an interesting link or opinion, I get side tracked by life. Potted flowers need watering, lawn needs mowing, I need to be outside and take in the beauty of the season, and so on. And kids, even though they may be big (like mine are) need attention, too. (I write this while in the midst of getting ready to join Simon in Cape Cod for five days. Sans enfants!!)

Something else that occupies a good chunk of my time lately is helping to organize the Glebe House Tour. This fall's group of five homes is wonderful. Before I leave for Cape Cod, how's about I give you peek inside one them.


It was built in the early 1900's and recently renovated, guided by the vision of its homeowners, Jenny and Alain.

I love this home. It's welcoming, comfy and elegant. I love its spaciousness even though it's not an open concept home. In fact, no walls were torn down during the renovation. However, hallways were widened and openings were created in some walls allowing for very pleasing sight lines into adjacent rooms.

And light! Maybe it's because I feel I have to wait for or seek out good light in our home that I was so taken with the abundance of beautiful light in this one. Not only light, but beautiful views to the outside as well. In fact, there are window views of Ottawa's Rideau canal from practically every room.

Add to those qualities a wonderful blend of custom-built and antique furniture plus great finds from Home Sense and Ikea, and carefully chosen fixtures and original art, and you have yourself a very beautiful home.

We're so happy to have it on this fall's Tour.

Thank you Alain, Jenny, Tom and Molly the dog!