This and that / by Suzanne

Here are five things that caught my attention lately:

1. this fresh turmeric root


because it's a wonderful anti-inflammatory i've been blending with my juices.

2. this inexpensive grocery store find


because it's both culinary and cosmetic.

3. this light fixture


because it's a functional work of art.

4. this ice 


because I finally got out for a long skate on the world's largest skating rink.

5. this bedside space


because I'm only now realizing how nice the morning light is.

 Noticed elsewhere:

I see a blush coloured room in my future.

a wardrobe of jeans and tee shirts is appealing.

love his moves and how he ends this speech.

an apology offered and accepted.

believe in six impossible things per day.

thoroughly loved watching this.