How to cherish sentimental items / by Suzanne


I'm not very sentimental but I love living among things that hold special meaning. 

There's no right or wrong way to live with things that hold memories and stories, no hard and fast rules but, if you ask me, the best way to treat your sentimental items is to make them part of your daily life. At least put them on display where you can admire them and they in turn can spark your joy.

Hiding away objects of sentimental value may extend their shelf life, it's true. But it strikes me as an odd way to cherish something or to honour someone's memory.


I inherited a bowl when we were clearing my parents' home several years ago. It was a gift to my mother from one of her sisters.


Now the bowl is part of my daily life and I use it all the time. I know it would be safer stored away or left on the shelf unused. But then it wouldn't provide the joy and meaning I get from using it. 

Anyway, I've come to terms with knowing things are breakable. Plus, if anything unfortunate should happen to the bowl I now have photos as souvenirs!

Here are other inherited items of sentimental value and how I put them to work.

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Above: My mother's china tea pot is for more than just serving tea.


Above: I gave these egg cups I painted to my parents years ago. Now they're mine and do double duty.


Above: Made more than 30 years ago from squares my grandmother knit and my sister crocheted together, this old blanket provides comfort to feline family members.