Grab a sharp knife and get chopping; wood board love / by Suzanne


I have fun in the kitchen. I'm not someone who struggles with food preparation or stresses about nutrition. I love good food, I love to eat and, on most days, I feel inspired to feed our family nourishing stuff. Nonetheless, I got excited and inspired when I read this post.

The author asks a simple question: "Why do we think it's so hard to nourish our families and ourselves?"

Her advice is both wonderful and simple; gather like you're having a party. Grab a knife, look in your cupboards and fridge and chop up whatever is on hand and display it on a cutting board (you can get creative with this part). Don't call out and ask if anyone is hungry. That's key. Just call for them to come.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon with just me and the boys at home and I decided to test drive her idea (see photo above). Suddenly we were standing around chatting, chewing, connecting, like it was a little impromptu party for the three.

She calls the idea wood board love and I think it's marvelous. Maybe you will too.