Good to be home / by Suzanne


Back from my trip out East to prepare my Dad's home for a moving sale. One of my sisters had been there for two weeks prior to my arrival and it's exceptional what she was able to accomplish. Basically, she depersonalized his place, and put aside and filed away all important documents, bare necessities and meaningful personal belongings. I got to join her for the final push to ready Dad's place for sale day. We cleaned and organized the remaining contents of the house, and staged the place in final preparation. So many beautiful and practical objects for sale. It was hard work getting everything ready but also a pleasure to admire my parent's very beautiful belongings. I hope they find good homes.

Good to be back in my own home, my own bed. Back to my routine, my vie quotidienne. I missed my family immensely and felt like showing it by baking something sweet yet grain-free.  So I made a batch of these blondies.

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I'm always on the search for recipes that are made without grains. These blondies satisfy any craving you might have for something sweet and substantial. Almond butter is the main ingredient although the author says to try other butters, too. Combined with good dark chocolate and only a few other ingredients produces something equivalent to a thick dense chewy cookie. Everyone gave them a thumbs up so I will definitely make them again.

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I tried a new smoothie recipe inspired by this instagram account.It was the colour of the smoothie that caught my attention. Something about the pale yellowness of it and the tiny flecks of dark throughout. It looked soothing and yummy. The colour comes from a whole quarter of lemon, peel and all, as well as banana, pineapple and vanilla. I used coconut milk but you could use whatever milk you have on hand. I used my preserved lemons for fun but aim to try it with a regular lemon, too. The ginger and cardamom are inspired choices. They make the recipe sing a little louder but not too loud. Refreshing and satisfying.

So good to be home. Happy sigh.


p.s. I missed these scallywags, as well.

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