Finding my Christmas groove / by Suzanne


I'm trying to feel festive. I am.

The feeling is there, percolating, but slow to fully present itself. As I write this I only have two wreaths, a bit of greenery and a few pine cones in our home. That's it!

I need to get inspired.

Nothing like attending a Christmas party to kick start those festive feelings and get your own ball rolling.

For the past several years, Cindy, who I met in the schoolyard years ago, has hosted a Christmas party. It started out as a sort of ladies luncheon, which was fun until around 3:15 pm when there was a mad scramble to get on our boots and coats, and skedaddle over to the schoolyard before the bell rang.

Now it's an evening affair and still as festive and wonderful as ever.

DSC_5378-685x1024 1.jpg
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It's always a treat to gather at Cindy's home and particularly so this time of year. Her flair for seasonal decorating is inspiring; all lights, greenery, flowers and simple iconic ornaments. Combined with great food and drinks it hits the perfect note of festiveness.

The last few years, Cindy incorporated a fun element: an ornament exchange.

Everyone brings a wrapped ornament which we place under the tree. Near the end of the evening we draw numbers and then take turns picking. It was interesting to see how many animal ornaments there were this year. We're a trendy bunch I guess. (I got a squirrel ornament - those of you who know me well will see how appropriate this is!)

Thank you Cindy. You've started a wonderful tradition and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

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