An afternoon spent making merry / by Suzanne

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The only thing better than having friends who are kind, fun and generous, is having friends who are all the aforementioned plus fantastic cooks and bakers. Lucky us, we got invited, quite last minute, to spend Christmas eve afternoon with such friends at their cozy home, enjoying music, good wine and conversation, and great food. Geoff smoked some salmon, roasted a chicken (stuffed with orange, olives and fennel), unsalted some cod and made the most scrumptious potato and fish fritters. Denise made a salad of endive, apples, walnuts and fennel in a lime dressing. Chantal made hummus topped with pomegranate seeds and pine nuts. For dessert, apricots, salted chocolate covered caramels, and assorted cookies.

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Surrounded by beautiful Christmas decor, taking turns playing favourite tunes on Geoff's laptop, sipping wine, chatting and watching funny you tube videos, resulted in a most pleasant impromptu Christmas eve afternoon.

May you all be so lucky to have friends like ours.

Merry Christmas.