Beat the winter blues; visit a greenhouse / by Suzanne


I think I felt my psychological reaction to winter shift from acceptance to slight dread.

In preparation for the inevitable, I'm reviewing my list of ways to stay cozy and beat the winter blues.

Other than the usual items - dietary strategies, steam showers, naps, extra layers of blankets and clothing, etc - I've added to the list a visit to the Government of Canada Tropical Greenhouse.

A greenhouse, I recently experienced, is both a physical and psychological oasis in the dead of winter.

For starters, it provides you with a potent plant fix. Plants are proven mood enhancers and this heritage greenhouse houses more than 500 lush tropical varieties.

The building itself is a sight to behold. It's a soaring web-like structure made almost entirely of glass and metal, a seemingly too thin separation from the realities of a harsh winter day. Yet inside you're guaranteed the air is warm and humid. You can ditch your winter duds, close your eyes and be momentarily transported to somewhere tropical.

Here's hoping there's a greenhouse somewhere near you.

P.S. Planning your garden for next summer is another good way to get a psychological lift during the doldrum days of winter. Would you like some of my marigold seeds?