Goodbye marigolds, welcome eucalyptus / by Suzanne


HAPPY MONDAY. AS I MENTIONED IN MY LAST POST I BELIEVE I FEEL THE INNER STIRRINGS OF CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. Tiny stirrings but there's definitely a budding enthusiasm accompanied by thoughts of evergreens, pine cones and twinkling lights. Maybe even some mulled wine.

Before I even consider reintroducing Christmas decorations into our home, some major de cluttering is in order.


I've always been a fan of living with less stuff. I feel pretty passionate about it, actually. This passion was recently rekindled because of a book that came out earlier this year in English: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, a 30 year-old Japanese woman. It's receiving a lot of attention. “My book is about more than the technical and mechanical aspects of cleaning: it's about the emotional and psychological impact cleaning has on our lives,” Kondo says, by way of explaining its unprecedented appeal. Her advice is very straight forward and not for the faint of heart:

So that's what I'm up to today and for the rest of the week (month?). Let's see what magic transpires.

But first!! Fuel for the body. A recipe from my past to satisfy today's hunger:


Wish me luck.