Life is peachy / by Suzanne


I'm easy when it comes to what inspires me. Lately it's peaches, which happen to be my favourite stone fruit. The other day I bought my first basket of Ontario peaches at the local Italian grocer up the street.


The growing period for Ontario peaches is typically July, August and into September, which gives us a good chance to enjoy them. They come and go but not too quickly. Still, best to start adding them to your menu now.

Although peaches are perhaps best known for their starring roll in cobblers, crisps and jams, I've been more inspired to broil or puree them. The other night we grilled some on the barbecue and served with homemade coconut milk ice cream.


Either fresh or frozen, peaches are a wonderful addition to smoothie recipes.


Peaches are lovely tossed in a salad, as a topping for cereal and waffles.

Or perhaps they are best enjoyed when rinsed in cool water and eaten whole. The experience is made even better if things get messy and juice dribbles down your chin. (I have no photo of this as I was "in the moment" enjoying my peach!)


My next order of business is to poach some in red wine or puree and add to a sparkling wine.

Wherever you are, I hope you're feeling inspired and nourished by summer's bounty, and that you get to enjoy your first peach of the season very soon.