Fraser fir in da house! / by Suzanne


I don't recall a Christmas tree ever giving me this much pleasure.

In an effort to fake it till you make it we got our tree earlier than usual. My enthusiasm for Christmas was low and I thought bringing greenery into our home ASAP might help.

We bought the tree, a Fraser Fir, and I cleared a spot for it in the living room on the main floor, near the front door at the bottom of the stairs. We strung it with lights and there it stood for a week or so until a few teenagers and twenty somethings dressed it with a mish mash of ornaments and bulbs of various shades of blue.


If Christmas has a classic smell then the scent of evergreens is high on the list.

This tree is especially aromatic. Its uplifting scent greets your nose each time entering the house and when descending from bedrooms to the main floor first thing in the morning.

Not only is this tree fragrant and beautiful. Turns out we also chose put it in an auspicious location. One evening at dinner, I could see the tree in four different spots from where I was sitting, its image reflected off windows and mirror.