I'm the lead organizer of a wonderful community event and fundraiser called the Glebe House Tour.

Money raised supports a subsidy fund that gives all Ottawa families access to the programs offered by the Glebe Neighbourhood Activity (GNAG).           

Work on the Glebe House Tour begins several months in advance of the Tour date, which is from 1 to 4 pm on the third Sunday in September of each year.           

Our committee of 11 women begins by identifying five homes to include on the tour, a process that involves asking around and talking to
community-minded homeowners who have inviting and unique homes along with a willingness to open them up to the public for a Sunday afternoon in the Fall. Somehow we've been able to find wonderful homes for the past 18 years.          

What types of homes do we feature? We're interested in preservation, renovation, creativity as well as simplicity. We're interested in homeowners who have done things on a shoestring, to those who have money to spend.           

This event has many faithful sponsors as well as nearly 100 volunteers, many who step in on the day of the Tour to watch over things and are there to assist you on a self-guided tour through five Glebe homes.