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This and that

This and that

Here are five things that caught my attention this past week: 1. these gardening gloves

because I plan on taking better care of my hands this summer. Take that, age spots!

2. these branches

because they brighten this dark room and my spirits considerably.

3. this boy and cat

because he was unbelievably brave despite having the muscles in both of his eyes cut and moved, and this cat because he is an elixir for speedy healing.

4. these eggshells

because they make perfect seed starting vessels.

5. these marigold seeds

because I collected and saved them last fall, and now it's time to bring them to life.

Noticed elsewhere:

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can an animal understand magic? yes!

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edible flower recipes

Make your own preserved lemons

Make your own preserved lemons

Oven-roasted radishes

Oven-roasted radishes