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How I cut up a pineapple

How I cut up a pineapple

My last post was all about embracing wintry items like fresh greenery and pinecones. This post is about pineapple, which is tropical and has little connection to winter except it resembles a pine cone. In fact, that's how the pineapple got its name.

History says Columbus discovered this exotic fruit on his second trip to the New World, in Guadeloupe. The natives called it anana but Columbus and his crew renamed it pineapple because it resembled a pine cone and - to them - tasted like an apple.

What an interesting and weird looking fruit a pineapple is; all prickly on the outside, and yellow, sweet and fleshy on the inside. The first human to cut into one must have been so surprised!

How do you chop a pinapple? Most of you will be most familiar with this method.

Without the benefit of a teacher or an instructional video I operated solely on instinct the first time I bought a whole pineapple and chopped it up. As it turns out, my method is a little outside the box. I don't tend to cut it up all at once unless I need to. I slice off the bottom, cut off what I need, and then sit the pineapple on a plate, cut side down. I store it in the fridge if it's a warm kitchen but usually I leave it out on the counter to be used again the next day.

Above: I remove the peel and core, and chop into chunks.

Above: The next time I need a little fresh pineapple I repeat the process until I reach the end.

I really don't know if there are any benefits to my cut-only-as-much-as-you-need method, but it works for me and I think I'll stick with it. Although, after watching


bad-ass technique I might reconsider.


P.S. Some happy pineapple memories below.

Above: We spied this red pineapple growing in the jungle while hiking in Bali. It takes almost three years for a pineapple to reach maturation.

Above: What a treat! Buying fresh pineapple juice on the beach in Cuba. Raw pineapple is an excellent source of



vitamin C


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