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House tour hangover

House tour hangover

I'm not literally hungover, only feeling a bit weary from Sunday's big event, the Glebe House Tour. Read about it here and here.

The Tour began in the pouring rain but we didn't let it dampen (ha ha!) our spirits. Somehow we managed all the wet boots, shoes, jackets and umbrellas. Can't have 400 dripping wet people walking through the homes! Before we knew it the sun came out just as I had hoped.

We surveyed many tour goers and asked, on a scale from one to five, how they would rate us (one is not satisfied and five is very satisfied). Despite the day's initial challenges we got positive feedback; out of 132 responses, 100 people gave us a five out of five (2 of those 100 actually gave us a ten out of five), 26 gave us a four out of five, and 6 people rated us a three. Pretty great for an almost completely volunteer-run event.

The complimentary Tea, hosted by my generous friend and neighbour, Jennifer, was a huge success as well. She's an excellent Cordon Blue-trained pastry chef with a talent and flair for unique tablescapes. I wish you could have been there to taste the delicacies and to behold the way the tables were decorated.

Here's a sampling of photos to give you an idea just how beautiful an experience the Tea was.

Each table was a different colour scheme.

Yes! She even makes her own caramels.

The gluten-free orange chiffon cake, DELICIOUS!

Real teacups instead of disposable ones. Such a nice touch.

I doubt you will ever ever taste a more perfect ginger snap.

Those aren't store-bought shortbreads either. Everything was home baked by Jennifer.

We are so grateful for our many local sponsors.

The floral arrangements for the Tea are compliments of Bloomfields, our wonderful neighbourhood florist.

Everyday altars

Everyday altars

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