This and that

Here are five things that caught my attention lately:

1.these lemons


because I’ve been to the garden where they grew.
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This and that

wreath in window

Here are five things that caught my attention lately:

1.this juice

carrot, oange and ginger juice

because it’s an elixir when I’m feeling less than vital – 3 carrots, 1 orange, 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger.

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This and that

Hello readers. If you haven’t already discovered it yourself, I added a new page to my blog titled “Inspiration.” It’s a list of links to lead you to blogs I love. Who knows! Maybe you’ll find inspiration there, too.

Here are five things that caught my attention lately:

1. these hazelnuts

Porello hazelnuts

because they taste so fresh and good and a thoughtful friend recently gifted me two packages (from Italy.) I’m already on the second bag.

2. these crab apples

crab apples

because another thoughtful friend invited me to pick them from her glorious backyard tree.

3. this crabapple jelly

crabapple jelly

because I love food gifts (see items 1 and 2) and I will never get around to making my own. What about that colour!

4. this palo santo wood

palo santo

because this old house can smell musty sometimes and nothing refreshes it better, faster.

5. these marigolds


because removing blooms keeps plants producing more and more. Plus the orange and yellows leave me spellbound.

Noticed elsewhere:

we all live in different ways in different places, according to where we are in time.

I always want to know what she thinks.

school teachers take note! using newspaper text to write a blackout poem.

this house has me feeling all the feels.

party decoration goals

such a beautiful effect


This and that

Here are five things that caught my attention this past week:

1.these gardening gloves

suzanne mccarthy | la vie quotidiennebecause I plan on taking better care of my hands this summer. take that age spots!

2.these branches

suzanne mccarthy | la vie quotidiennebecause they brighten this dark room and my spirits considerably.

3. this boy and cat

suzanne mccarthy | la vie quotidiennebecause he was unbelievably brave despite having the muscles in both of his eyes cut and moved. and this cat because he is an elixir for speedy healing.

4.these eggshells

suzanne mccarthy | la vie quotidiennebecause they make perfect seed starting vessels.

5.these marigold seeds

suzanne mccarthy | la vie quotidiennebecause I collected and saved them last fall, and now it’s time to bring them to life.


Noticed elsewhere:

even the guys on stage don’t know where Prince’s guitar went

can an animal understand magic? yes!

miscommunication with emojis

this new comedy series

going to see this wednesday

edible flower recipes


This and that

One of my favourite bloggers runs this series on her blog called “my week in objects.” I love it so much I thought I’d run a similar series on mine. Here are things that have captured my attention lately:

1.these biodegradable and compostable straws

suzanne mccarthybecause they’ve upped our smoothie game big time.

2.this street sign

suzanne mccarthy

because there will be less dust and debris and now we can safely wash our windows.

3.this garden succulent

suzanne mccarthy

because the snow has melted and the garden is waking up.

4.these eggshells

suzanne mccarthy

because I’ve been collecting them to pulverize and spread about in the garden.

5.these tiny spring bulbs

suzanne mccarthy

because they make my heart glad and I scored them at the local grocery store. Three small pots for only $2.99 each.


Other things that have caught my attention elsewhere:

the rich social environment of dogs without collars

looking forward to seeing this in June

this paint colour

this watercolour and ink

been loving this artist for a few years. her latest here and here.

this kitchen