Fresh greenery in the home during winter

bringing fresh greenery inside during the winter months

Bringing fresh greenery inside to adorn our homes is a winter tradition since ancient times.

Our ancestors believed bringing boughs indoors gives the ability to sustain winter’s darkest days; if evergreens can endure and thrive during the long winter so we can.

Fragrant, texturally appealing and visually delighting, fresh greenery is a gift for all the senses. It looks beautiful, freshens, humidifies and scents indoor air, which is essential during winter months when inside air is dry. And if kept moist and cool greenery can last a long time without wilting.

While we wait for springs return, be inspired to fill your home with the beauty and scent of fresh greenery all season.

bringing fresh greenery inside during the winter months, boxwood and cedar
Above: Cedar and boxwood from our yard. Urban dwellers, without ready access to fields and meadows to forage, rely on local florists for a fresh and more varied supply of greenery.
+–AKA-Above: My neighbourhood florist shop, Bloomfields Flowers, is full of aromatic greenery, festive flowers and wintry decor that can remain in your home long after the holidays are over and decorations are stored away. Bloomfields staff create all kinds of custom arrangements using winter’s greenery all season long.
paperwhites, flowers, Bloomfields Flowers
Above: Bloomfields’ shop is filled with birch, boxwood, cedar, fir, magnolia and pine, seasonal flowers such as paperwhites and amaryllis, and other wintry items.
fresh greenery from Bloomfields Flowers
Above: The decor spills from the shop to the walkway outdoors. Boughs for sale! Boughs for sale!
pinecones, birch, cedar, Bloomfields flowers
fresh wreaths, Bloomfields Flowers
Above: Magnolia leaves make stunning wreaths like this one designed by Bloomfields staff. I love the large glossy dark green leaves with their velvety, brown undersides. The leaves hold up very well even without water, too.
Above: Boughs and wreaths need moisture in order to exhale humidity and that deliciously wintry scent. If you bring greenery indoors treat it as you would cut flowers; the cooler and more humid it is, the longer it will last. Leave a mister bottle near the arrangement you have indoors and give the needles a healthy spritz now and again.

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