Cookie dough tartlet shells, gluten-free

Cookie dough tartlet shells, gluten-free

The dry spell broke and, very last minute, we found ourselves inspired to invite friends for dinner.

Here was my opportunity to use the lemon curd my friend and neighbour recently gave me, made with lemons grown in her yard in the south of France.

I decided to make lemon curd tartlets and, in a moment of thinking outside the box, to make the shells with cookie dough instead of pastry. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
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Apple, pink grapefruit, strawberry and ginger drink: good for what ails you

apple, strawberry, pink grapefruit and ginger drink

I marvel at how the author of a blog I regularly read writes about her life.

She reveals everything; she writes about being sexually and physically abused as a child, being at ground zero when the trade towers fell, about trouble in her marriage, sex, abortion, and running out of money. She reveals all these things, she explains, because her childhood was ruined by secrets. Now she is more afraid of keeping things secret than she is of letting people know her troubles. Continue reading