The stress-relieving power of a sparkling clean kitchen sink


Entering your home at the end of a day or returning home after a long adventure should feel like a nice warm hug.

Like a lot of homes ours is never completely out of control or in a state of total chaos. But like most homes all over the world it goes through the predictable stage of needing to be cleaned and tidied. It moves from states of order to disorder, back and forth, like lungs breathing in and out. More often than not it feels like a comforting hug when I walk in the door.

What if your home is not a source of comfort and support? What if it is a source of stress and overwhelm? Continue reading

No more home section in the New York Times



I just read the New York Times is saying farewell to its Home Section. As long as the Times was interested in homes and gardens I felt my interest and love of all things home was worthy and important.

Home section or no home section I still think my interests are noble but I’ll miss visiting that section of the Times (for me it was always the on-line version).

It stood apart from the glossy mags and blogs. It regularly featured a pot pourri of homes; from humble rustic to uptown fancy, and from anti McMansions to penthouse apartments and palaces. Always with interesting stories. And always so well written.

This one one of my favourites.