Valuing common household objects

DSC_7634I’m finally reading the book (I wrote about it here), The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo. I’m loving it. It’s not only inspiring me to whittle our belongings down to the things I love, things that really matter, it’s also inspiring me to value those things even more.

Today, for example, I gave some much needed love and attention to anything made of wood that can be found in our kitchen – tongs, spoons, cutting boards and bowls. Just as our skin needs moisturizing, especially in the winter, so does wood.  So I made some board butter and gave everything  a good slathering. DSC_7663

For the wood butter, I used two parts coconut oil and one part beeswax. I chopped up the beeswax and put in in a mason jar with the coconut oil, placed the jar in a pot with about an inch of water, and set it over low heat. I let it melt slowly until it turned into a pale yellow creamy butter. DSC_7624After letting it cool, I used my hands to rub and slather it on my faithful wooden kitchen tools. I let the butter rest for a bit (next time I might leave it overnight) and then buffed everything with a rag. No need to wear rubber gloves for this job; the butter is wonderful for softening up your hands too and the scent is subtle and fresh.


Just that little bit of attention made such a difference. Everything has a healthy luster. I’ve been made happier too.




Good to be home

Back from my trip out East to prepare my Dad’s home for a moving sale. One of my sisters had been there for two weeks prior to my arrival and it’s exceptional what she was able to accomplish. Basically, she depersonalized his place, and put aside and filed away all important documents, bare necessities and meaningful personal belongings. I got to join her for the final push to ready Dad’s place for sale day. We cleaned and organized the remaining contents of the house, and staged the place in final preparation.

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Simplifying someone elses life


PicMonkey Collage

You may remember I was recently helping to arrange and shuffle my Dad’s home to try and make it a safer place for him. Plans have changed and my siblings and I are acting on his behalf and with his permission to simplify his life even more. He’s moving and needs to lighten his load so we are busy planning a Moving Sale. We need to find new homes for furniture, appliances, books, dishes, tools, decor items and more.

Theres no doubt about it, it’s a huge undertaking. It’s one thing to downsize your own life, but dong it for someone else feels weighted with extra responsibility. Continue reading