Clean the air in your home and make it smell good

We want our homes to look good, feel good and we want the air we breathe inside our homes to be healthy and have a pleasant smell.

I have a very sensitive nose and I’m quite finicky about bad odours. Stinky shoes, the smell of fish that lingers in the air after cooking or of onions I chopped the night before, and unpleasant pet odours unsettle me. I’m not at ease until they’re gone. I simply feel better when our home smells clean and fresh.

Of course, to remove bad odours it’s best to deal with them at the source; get rid of the cause of the offending odour. Change the kitty litter, empty the garbage, do a thorough cleaning and open windows to let the fresh air in. But sometimes we need to call in extra help.

No matter how bad the smell I never reach for conventional air fresheners and odour eliminators. Continue reading

A stubborn old Irishman and rum cardamom fig chocolate truffles

UntitledHello and Happy New Year!

Did you miss me? I promised myself to be disciplined about this blog and to write at least once a week. But sometimes life gets in the way and commitments change.

The reason for my hiatus was a recent trip out East with my sister to help our father. He’s 86 years old and lives by himself in a home not suited to his needs and yet won’t consider moving to a better, more accommodating space (stubborn old fella). Continue reading