Glebe House Tour 2014

For several years, I’ve been involved with a wonderful community event and fundraiser called the Glebe House Tour. It’s a fundraiser for the local organization (GNAG – the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group) that runs programs in ¬†our community. This is a totally volunteer-run event, and work on it begins several months earlier. Our committee of 11 women starts by identifying five to six homes to include on the tour, a process that involves asking around, talking to new homeowners and neighbours about who has done renovations, who has a great collection of art or who has a home that’s unique and inviting, or who is happy to open their home to more than 400 visitors! We’re interested in preservation, renovation, creativity as well as simplicity. From homeowners who have done things on a shoestring, to those who have money to spend. The goal is to give people practical ideas and inspiration for things they can do in their own home, as well as to dream big and to fantasize. For anyone who has gazed admiringly at homes featured in design magazines and blogs and longed to take a closer look around, the Glebe House Tour is your chance! Go to and click on events for more details.